Satires (at times humorous, at times dark)

Converting the Two-Spirit

A progressive therapist struggles to convince a teenage white girl she is not allowed to identify as a two-spirit.

topics: gender identity | woke racism

The Psychologist

The psychologist claims to have authority over reality, but reality disagrees, and an innocent tomboy will pay the price.

topic: gender identity

A Principal's Conundrum

A progressive principal is faced with the impossible question of how to handle the two-spirit gender identity in a public school.

topic: gender identity

The Coming Out

When Meghan comes out to her mother as a pansexual, it doesn't go how she expected.

topic: sexual identity


Unwanted Proof

Gender identity, that unprovable belief, is actually made provable for a brief moment thanks to an unexpected invention. But then the invention is destroyed and the inventor's assistant murdered.

Who would do that? Who would kill to keep gender identity unprovable?

topic: gender identity


Gender Identity and the Invisible Pasta God

Kale, a wannabe pickup artist, attends a Pastafarian meetup to mock the religious and hopefully hook up with his sufficiently-hot co-worker Jezzie. But when a peg-legged Pastafarian Minister shows up in pirate garb and leads them all to the school board meeting next door where a debate about bathroom policies is underway, it becomes obvious that those who arrogantly claim to be non-religious actually have a religion after all.

topic: gender identity


What Our Helmets Let Us See

If everyone who disagrees with your politics looks like a monster to you, perhaps it’s your politics that’s to blame.

topic: dehumanization

Untolerated Rejection

Paul has slept with dozens of girls at his high school, but it’s the person he keeps rejecting that gets him in trouble.

topic: gender identity


Fitting In

You awake from a coma to find the world strangely altered yet everyone pretending that nothing has changed. Do you pretend with the rest and try to fit in, or do you stand for reality and face social ostracism?

topics: sexual identity | gender identity | dehumanization

Dandelion Seeds

The foolish assumptions of our society are portrayed through a short satire where a gardener takes advice from a garden gnome.

topic: sexual identity


The Planner's Utopia

The planner zealously maintains absolute equality amongst the citizens under his control. But when a free woman invades his warehouse paradise, he must act decisively before she ruins everything.

"It’s better for all to have none than for some to have more."

topic: forcing heaven on earth

Invest in Oxygen Masks

When Abby visits her friend Sheryl, she is surprised to find the town devoid of oxygen and even more surprised to learn the reason.

topic: sexual identity

The Sky Is Blue

Johnny-boy is excited to have his mother finally teach him his colors until he learns he must choose between telling her the truth he sees or the untruth she wants to hear.

topics: sexual identity | gender identity

Talents, Servants, and Government Busybodies

An old parable, full of wisdom, is corrupted by the foolishness of modern-day politics.

topic: forcing heaven on earth

Killing the Golem

The golem was created to defeat the skinheads. But when it is summoned against an innocent preacher, Armando realizes it must be destroyed.

topics: sexual identity | dehumanization

Melvin the Protester

It's love at first sight when Melvin sees an attractive protester, a black-and-white keffiyeh wrapped around her neck; and the next moment he finds himself in the midst of the protest, speaking some sort of truth to some sort of power, all thought of gainful employment cast aside in favor of a life of unending agitation against the current moment's outrage. Except … Melvin might not be exactly cut out for this protest stuff.

The Honor Code on Trial

Jeffrey, a BYU graduate student, is sent to deliver a blunt message from BYU to the Northeast Accreditation Commission, where he is introduced to the bizarre world of progressive academia with its fixation about privilege and its perpetual outrage over perceived offenses.

One thing is clear: Everyone has a religion, and those who claim they don't are often among the fiercest of zealots.

topic: sexual identity

The Statue of Liberty Orders a Burger (and gets something completely different)

As the Statue of Liberty's order passes from judge to judge, it begins to resemble less and less what she originally intended.

topic: sexual identity

Stare Decisis

A mutated kitten, magical dust, and a machete: What better way to explain how same-sex marriage has beaten common sense in the courtroom.

topic: sexual identity

You Never Had a Brother

A man's memories must deal with his brother's rejection of reality.

topic: gender identity

The Mascot

His first day at a new school, Winston discovers there's something very wrong with his classmates when they attack him for refusing to pretend their mascot is something it is not.

topics: sexual identity | dehumanization

The Equality Remedy

Mother Nature is taken to court for being heterosexist. But will we be pleased with the imposed remedy?

topic: sexual identity

The Unneeded Panic Room

Like many Latter-day Saints in California, Michael and his wife, Kate, are asked to support Proposition 8. Michael has no problem with this request—same-sex marriage makes no sense to him. But after Proposition 8 prevails at the ballot box, same-sex marriage activists explode in anger. They target the list of Proposition 8 donors and ramp up their campaign to demonize all opposition, leaving Michael and Kate to suffer the consequences.

topics: sexual identity | dehumanization


A Modest Proposal for the Replacement of Our Outdated Gender Binary Classification System with One More Suited for Our Progressive Age

Our reality-based gender classification system has proven too old-fashioned for the demands of 21st-century taste. It's time to replace it with something more inclusive and flexible. After all, the sky is whatever color we want it to be, isn't it?

topic: gender identity

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