Stephen Measure

If everyone who disagrees with your politics looks like a monster to you, perhaps it’s your politics that’s to blame.

A short satire.

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Story Excerpt

There on the fifth row, a boy sat alone—for who would want to sit by someone so disgusting? He didn’t wear a jumpsuit, just blue jeans and a gray shirt, and if that weren’t horrible enough, he wore no helmet, nothing to cover his filthy, unkempt hair that spiked in all directions, small bugs visibly crawling across its surface. His skin was rotten, bulging in places as some small horror wiggled beneath it. His eyes were beady and red, his lips moldy, and in his mouth, a sharp serpent tongue. He was a monster, an absolute monster. Why he was allowed to board the same bus as normal kids, the boy had no idea.

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Status: Released February 2018 by Silver Layer Publications.