Stephen Measure

Gender identity is an unfalsifiable claim. It is an unprovable belief. Someone claims to be a gender and we are just supposed to take their word for it, no proof necessary.

But what if it became provable? What if a machine were invented that could actually show someone's gender identity? Proof, real, actual proof. No more blind faith required.

Except, then the invention is destroyed and the inventor's assistant murdered.

Who would do that? Who would kill to keep gender identity unprovable?

A short satire.

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Story Excerpt

Justine continued to stare at the machine. “Gender identity doesn’t require proof,” she said. “Someone tells you what gender they identity as, and you believe them. That’s gender identity. Their word is all the proof you need.”

“But now we can prove it scientifically!” Geoffrey said. “We’re scientists! We don’t just accept what someone says. We prove it. That’s what science does. And that’s what my machine can do. It can prove someone’s gender identity!”

Story Excerpt

“Without proof, how can you know it isn’t just a fantasy?”

Story Excerpt

“You know what I always wanted to do? Whenever someone claims to be gender-fluid, I always wanted to look them in the eyes and say, ‘Prove it!’”

Sara giggled. “You’d get in so much trouble for that!”

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Status: Released July 2019 by Silver Layer Publications.