Stephen Measure

Kale, a wannabe pickup artist, attends a Pastafarian meetup to mock the religious and hopefully hook up with his sufficiently-hot co-worker Jezzie. But when a peg-legged Pastafarian minister shows up in pirate garb and leads them all to the school board meeting next door where a debate about bathroom policies is underway, it becomes obvious that those who arrogantly claim to be non-religious actually have a religion after all.

A short satire.

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Story Excerpt

“If you can’t prove that someone isn’t a transgender, then you can’t prove that someone is. Science demands a two-way street.”

Story Excerpt

“You’ve grown so accustomed to always being on the secular side, the scientific side, of an argument that you can’t even conceive that you might unknowingly have slipped into fighting for the religious side, and me, an openly religious man, fighting for the scientific side.”

Story Excerpt

“Gender identity is either a religious belief or it is a delusion.”

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Status: Released August 2018 by Silver Layer Publications.