Stephen Measure

Jeffrey, a BYU graduate student, is sent to deliver a blunt message from BYU to the Northeast Accreditation Commission, where he is introduced to the bizarre world of progressive academia with its fixation about privilege and its perpetual outrage over perceived offenses.

One thing is clear: Everyone has a religion, and those who claim they don't are often among the fiercest of zealots.

A short satire.

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The Wrong Sort of Stories - Front Cover    Included in the short story collection "The Wrong Sort of Stories".

Story Excerpt

“We are concerned that your Honor Code violates our non-discrimination policy.”

“So basically,” Jeffrey said, “it’s wrong to discriminate against actions that I think are wrong, but it’s not wrong to discriminate against actions that you think are wrong?”

Story Excerpt

Professor Carroll patted his arm. “Of course, Professor Walsh. You try so hard. You really do.” She opened her leather book again, flipping through pages until she came to the one she was looking for. “Now, let’s see,” she said. “What rating on the sexism scale would you say that was?”

Professor Walsh turned a fearful glance to Ms. Hursh, apparently too scared to even open his mouth.

“Alpha Five at a minimum,” Ms. Hursh said. “And you have to intersect his white-male-truth-capable privilege as well.”

“Yes, yes, Ms. Hursh. It’s not my first time at the scales.” Professor Carroll fiddled with her scale for a moment, loading various weights on both sides.

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Status: Released November 2014 by Silver Layer Publications.