Stephen Measure

Like many Latter-day Saints in California, Michael and his wife, Kate, are asked to support Proposition 8. Michael has no problem with this request—same-sex marriage makes no sense to him. But after Proposition 8 prevails at the ballot box, same-sex marriage activists explode in anger. They target the list of Proposition 8 donors and ramp up their campaign to demonize all opposition, leaving Michael and Kate to suffer the consequences.

A short story.

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The Wrong Sort of Stories - Front Cover    Included in the short story collection "The Wrong Sort of Stories".

Story Excerpt

Then election day finally came and the Democrats got their historic moment and California got its Proposition 8. Kate refused to tell Michael which presidential candidate she had voted for, which meant her vote had probably canceled his own, but she did tell him she had voted for Proposition 8, and he had too, and they had given some money to help it along, and it had won, and now it was over.

Except it wasn’t.

Story Excerpt

This wasn't a simple political disagreement, like an argument about taxes, where both sides thought the other side was wrong but both sides still allowed the other side to remain human. The advocates for same-sex marriage were demonizing their opponents.

Story Excerpt

“Everyone must support same-sex marriage! If you don’t, you’re a bigot!”

“Hey, let’s be reasonable here—”

“Because racism!”

“Wait, what? Where’d the preposition go? And what does that have to do with anything anyway? That’s not what we’re talking about—”

“Because racism!”

“Do all your arguments depend on past guilt? Can’t you talk about this without smearing others as bigots?”

“Because racism!”

“No, seriously. You keep saying that, and I’m thinking about what you’re saying, and I’m telling you that what you’re saying makes no sense. Do you expect me to just shut off my brain and not think? Is that what you’re asking for? Is that what you’re trying to bully me into doing?”

“Because racism!”


“Shut up, bigot! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!”

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Status: Released May 2014 by Silver Layer Publications.