There Is No Valid Proof of Gender Identity, And There Never Will Be (03/25/2023)

The 'gender' of gender identity doesn't exist.

Review: 'Into the Headwinds' (02/23/2023)

'Into the Headwinds' by Terryl Givens and Nathaniel Givens, an insightful defense of religious faith.

Review: 'Irreversible Damage' (10/11/2022)

'Irreversible Damage' by Abigail Shrier is essential reading for every parent of young girls today.

'What Is a Woman?' Answered (09/07/2022)

Should secular societies like the USA define the words 'man' and 'woman' based on proof (biological sex) or based on faith (gender identity)?

It's Gender-Obscuring, Not Gender-Affirming (08/18/2022)

The phrase 'gender-affirming care' is nonsense in a secular context.

Review: "What is a Woman?" (06/09/2022)

Why are religious conservatives the ones who are defending secular reality? Where are our secular elites?

There Can Be No Demigods in Secularism (03/24/2022)

You can believe whatever you choose to believe, but you cannot demand that your truth claims be accepted as part of secular reality if you cannot prove they are true.

Bisexuality Is a Self-imposed Problem (01/17/2022)

Being attracted to both men and women is only a problem if you choose to make it one.

The Freedom to Not Believe (07/17/2021)

The core sin of the LGBT movement is its attempt to take away our freedom to not believe.

Freedom From Super-Religion (03/24/2021)

A super-religion is a religious movement that pretends to be non-religious, thereby allowing its faith-based beliefs to be imposed on other religions and on secularism itself.

A Non-Religious Theocracy (01/09/2021)

Not belonging to an organized religion doesn't give you license to throw provable reality out the window.

Real-Gender vs Woke-Gender (12/05/2020)

In a secular society, proof must always be given precedence over faith, which means biological sex must always be given precedence over gender identity.

If Gender Identity Isn't a Religious Belief, Then It's Really, Really Stupid (11/07/2020)

Gender identity only makes sense as a religious belief. As a secular belief, it's really, really stupid.

An Onramp to Nowhere (02/20/2020)

If same-sex sexuality is wrong (and it is), then same-sex dating has no destination other than sin.

The End of a Common "Family-Friendly" (12/21/2019)

When a company claims to be family-friendly, do you still agree with their definition?

Why Do We Help Make Sin Inevitable? (11/27/2019)

How we interpret human sexuality is entirely up to us, so why do we choose to interpret it in a way that makes sin inevitable?

How to Talk to Progressives about Gender Identity (11/26/2019)

You have the right to be met in the neutral ground of the secular sphere, where provable reality is given precedence over unprovable beliefs like gender identity.

Role Models and Sexuality (09/07/2019)

We recognize the profound effect role models have on a child's life. Why do we not realize this applies to their sexuality as well?

The Competition to Define the Words 'Man' and 'Woman' (08/24/2019)

Why would we prioritize an unprovable definition over a provable one?

The Religious Evangelism of the Rainbow Flag (06/15/2019)

Those who display the rainbow flag are advocating in favor of two progressive religious beliefs.

Gender Identity Is a Religious Belief That I Don't Believe In (08/21/2018)

I know a religious belief when I see one, and gender identity is a religious belief.

How to Decrease Divisiveness and Increase Civility in Our Society (07/23/2018)

Our society is festering with divisiveness and incivility. Here are three things you can do to make things better.

Dear College Students (08/27/2016)

When your professors preach progressive politics, remember: You don't have to take them seriously.

How Anti-Discrimination Laws Are Used to Discriminate Against Religion (05/21/2016)

An anti-discrimination law that protects behavior is an anti-discrimination law that discriminates against belief.

Divine Authority and "Gender Identity" (05/18/2016)

The mystical power of "Gender Identity" is based on the divine authority of the Progressive Crowd.

Opposition to "Gender Identity" Is Driven by Logic, Not Religion (04/29/2016)

Biology is not a religious belief.

I Am the Absence of Homophobia (03/28/2016)

The insults are gone, but the wall still remains.

A Modest Proposal for the Replacement of Our Outdated Gender Binary Classification System with One More Suited for Our Progressive Age (03/10/2016)

Sensing that this topic is in desperate need of satire, I did my best to fill the need.

Some Connected Thoughts about Gender (01/28/2016)

Defining gender to exclude physical reality makes it meaningless and pointless.

Soft yet Steady Resistance (12/31/2015)

Stand patiently and determinedly in defense of what is correct.

Identity Shells and How They Are Used Against You (12/03/2015)

By warping reality, you can turn a person's goodness against good itself.

The War Between Identity and Behavior (11/23/2015)

There are two opposing worldviews about sexuality, only one of which is right.

Why It's Worse (11/11/2015)

The situation surrounding same-sex sexuality is worse than that of premarital sex.

What If That 'When' Had Never Happened? (11/09/2015)

The large difference one small experience can have on our lives.

Gender Identify Is a Self-Defeating Ideology (10/05/2015)

They are chasing the very thing they are destroying.

The Reality of the Situation (09/24/2015)

Two points that sum up the reality of the situation around same-sex attraction.

Our Halfway State of Absurdity (09/21/2015)

We are standing on the last good boards of a dock that is rotting away.

Some Connected Thoughts about Religion (09/18/2015)

Connected thoughts about religion, both formal and informal.

On Honor (02/12/2015)

We need honorable men, not overgrown boys or housebroken males.

When the Ship Enters Rough Waters (01/10/2015)

You can fit in or you can fix things. You can't do both. What do you do?

On Genetics (11/29/2014)

Questions to ask whenever someone claims to have found a 'gay gene'.

Why I Write about this Topic (11/28/2014)

Am I just kicking a random tree, or am I firing at a charging lion?

Why the Comparison Fails (11/26/2014)

Opposition to same-sex marriage is very different from opposition to interracial marriage.

Identifying What Just Bloodied Your Face (11/03/2014)

An explanation of the weapon being used against you.

On Identity - Again (10/18/2014)

We are experiencing the consequences of identifying people based on attraction.

20 Truths about Same-Sex Attraction and Same-Sex Marriage (08/07/2014)

Summarizing the subject through a clear list of truths.

On Words (07/22/2014)

A post about words and our need for better ones.

On Perspective (07/10/2014)

A post about perspective and our need to keep a useful one.

On Intellectualism (06/25/2014)

Why I'm not an intellectual.

On Identity (06/18/2014)

A post about identity.

On Stewardship (06/13/2014)

A post about stewardship.