Stephen Measure


The Religious Evangelism of the Rainbow Flag (06/15/2019)

Those who display the rainbow flag are advocating in favor of two progressive religious beliefs.

Gender Identity Is a Religious Belief That I Don't Believe In (08/21/2018)

I know a religious belief when I see one, and gender identity is a religious belief.

How to Decrease Divisiveness and Increase Civility in Our Society (07/23/2018)

Our society is festering with divisiveness and incivility. Here are three things you can do to make things better.

Dear College Students (08/27/2016)

When your professors preach progressive politics, remember: You don't have to take them seriously.

How Anti-Discrimination Laws Are Used to Discriminate Against Religion (05/21/2016)

An anti-discrimination law that protects behavior is an anti-discrimination law that discriminates against belief.

Divine Authority and "Gender Identity" (05/18/2016)

The mystical power of "Gender Identity" is based on the divine authority of the Progressive Crowd.

Opposition to "Gender Identity" Is Driven by Logic, Not Religion (04/29/2016)

Biology is not a religious belief.

I Am the Absence of Homophobia (03/28/2016)

The insults are gone, but the wall still remains.

A Modest Proposal for the Replacement of Our Outdated Gender Binary Classification System with One More Suited for Our Progressive Age (03/10/2016)

Sensing that this topic is in desperate need of satire, I did my best to fill the need.

Some Connected Thoughts about Gender (01/28/2016)

Defining gender to exclude physical reality makes it meaningless and pointless.

Soft yet Steady Resistance (12/31/2015)

Stand patiently and determinedly in defense of what is correct.

Identity Shells and How They Are Used Against You (12/03/2015)

By warping reality, you can turn a person's goodness against good itself.

The War Between Identity and Behavior (11/23/2015)

There are two opposing worldviews about sexuality, only one of which is right.

Why It's Worse (11/11/2015)

The situation surrounding same-sex sexuality is worse than that of premarital sex.

What If That 'When' Had Never Happened? (11/09/2015)

The large difference one small experience can have on our lives.

Gender Identify Is a Self-Defeating Ideology (10/05/2015)

They are chasing the very thing they are destroying.

The Reality of the Situation (09/24/2015)

Two points that sum up the reality of the situation around same-sex attraction.

Our Halfway State of Absurdity (09/21/2015)

We are standing on the last good boards of a dock that is rotting away.

Some Connected Thoughts about Religion (09/18/2015)

Connected thoughts about religion, both formal and informal.

On Honor (02/12/2015)

We need honorable men, not overgrown boys or housebroken males.

When the Ship Enters Rough Waters (01/10/2015)

You can fit in or you can fix things. You can't do both. What do you do?

On Genetics (11/29/2014)

Questions to ask whenever someone claims to have found a 'gay gene'.

Why I Write about this Topic (11/28/2014)

Am I just kicking a random tree, or am I firing at a charging lion?

Why the Comparison Fails (11/26/2014)

Opposition to same-sex marriage is very different from opposition to interracial marriage.

Identifying What Just Bloodied Your Face (11/03/2014)

An explanation of the weapon being used against you.

On Identity - Again (10/18/2014)

We are experiencing the consequences of identifying people based on attraction.

20 Truths about Same-Sex Attraction and Same-Sex Marriage (08/07/2014)

Summarizing the subject through a clear list of truths.

On Words (07/22/2014)

A post about words and our need for better ones.

On Perspective (07/10/2014)

A post about perspective and our need to keep a useful one.

On Intellectualism (06/25/2014)

Why I'm not an intellectual.

On Identity (06/18/2014)

A post about identity.

On Stewardship (06/13/2014)

A post about stewardship.