The Reality of the Situation
September 24, 2015

Much confusion has been sown on the topic of same-sex attraction in recent years, causing many to lose sight of what is actually going on. Please allow me to sum up the reality of the situation in two related points:

  • A disagreement over moral behavior is being falsely portrayed as a disagreement over people, allowing the emotional weight of the civil rights legacy to be forced into what is actually a religious conflict over sexual morality.

  • Too many today pretend that our sexuality is predetermined and completely unaffected by outside influence. They refuse to see that it's not only our culture that is capable of change (for good or ill); it's us ourselves.

You might disagree with me about the immorality of same-sex sexuality. Religion is about the unseen after all, and everyone has a religion, their underlying core of right and wrong; so, it might be that your religion, your moral core, simply disagrees with mine. But the two points I said above are not a matter of religion. They are a matter of reality.

I cannot say whether or not future society will agree with me about the immorality of same-sex sexuality, but I can say this: One way or another, in the future, when all emotion has been drained from this discussion and reason is allowed to finally hold sway, the summary above will be recognized as an accurate description of what is happening today. It is correct. It is the truth. It is the reality of the situation.

topic: sexual identity

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