My Self-Identity
March 14, 2023

I self-identify as a human with the sufficient wisdom to determine whether or not someone else’s identity is part of provable reality. This identity of mine is based on an internal sense of who I am as a person and is critically important to me.

And using this wisdom, which I identify as having, I have determined that gender identity is not part of provable reality.

Gender identity believers therefore have two legitimate choices:

  1. Affirm my identity and agree that gender identity is not part of provable reality.
  2. Agree with me that “identity” isn’t a magic backdoor around the burden of proof and they can therefore demand I provide proof of my truth claims.

Alternatively, they could take the illegitimate route of claiming that it’s only possible to use identity to prove truth claims that they believe in, but that would only demonstrate that they are not engaging in this discussion in good faith and instead are trying to use deceit and flawed arguments to force their beliefs onto others.

topic: gender identity

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