The River Is Always Waiting

The River Is Always Waiting - Front Cover

It is an all-too-common belief that our sexual desires define who we are, that the meaning of our life is to indulge them, that to deny them is to deny ourselves from being the person we were born to be.

Well, allow me to introduce you to Simon, a man who feels a horrible desire he does not want to feel and who is about to face a difficult test he does not expect.

Simon understands how disastrous it would be to allow sexual desire to dictate who he is. It's time for everyone else to understand that as well.

Attraction is something that you feel, not something that you are.

Available as Hardcover, Paperback, and Ebook:

Excerpt from Part One: The unexpected answer

Just a large rain drop hitting off rhythm, just a harmless drop of water—Alice knew that—but alone in a cabin, high in the mountains, surrounded by darkness, reading "The Screwtape Letters", she saw the same image each time the tap struck—a devil, prowling across the dark roof, striking the shingles with a cold, bare knuckle, searching for a weak spot to get through, to get her. TAP!

Excerpt from Part Two: Some build bridges

"It’s just these dumb labels we stick on people, you know? They’re so pointless. We’re so stupid about sexual desire. We use the same word for attraction as we do for action, mixing them together, making it seem like there is nothing separating the two, no thought, no choice, like we’re just slaves to our desires, just machines, incapable of deciding whether to follow our attractions or reject them."

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The River Is Alwys Waiting - Flash Flood
The River Is Alwys Waiting - Front Cover
The River Is Alwys Waiting - Back Cover
The River Is Always Waiting - Cover Art

Status: Released December 2013 by Silver Layer Publications.

Image of canyon flash flood is copyrighted by Jacob Meldrum.