A Disbelief in Demigods

A defense of our right to not believe in unprovable things like gender identity.

topic: gender identity


Gender and Secularism: Proof versus Faith

A trio of essays arguing that secularism must always give precedence to proof over faith and that gender identity therefore should not be taken seriously as a secular belief.

topic: gender identity


Why Do We Help Make Sin Inevitable?

How we interpret human sexuality is entirely up to us, so why do we choose to interpret it in a way that makes sin inevitable?

topic: sexual identity


How to Talk to Progressives about Gender Identity

You have the right to be met in the neutral ground of the secular sphere, where provable reality is given precedence over unprovable beliefs like gender identity.

topic: gender identity


Sexual Identity Is Bogus and Same-sex Sexuality Is Wrong

While it's important to teach your children that same-sex sexuality is wrong, it's no longer enough. The way today's culture thinks and talks about sexuality is incompatible with the belief that same-sex sexuality is wrong. This cannot be ignored. We need to confront it directly.

I wrote this for my preteen daughters (and your preteen and teen children as well). It was written at their level to help them understand that sexual identity is absolutely bogus and same-sex sexuality is always a wrong choice.

topic: sexual identity

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