Gender and Secularism: Proof versus Faith
February 20, 2021

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My thoughts over these past months have returned again and again to the topic of secularism and religion, proof and faith, and how gender identity fits within that picture. For years I have maintained that gender identity should be considered a religious belief, and my thoughts there haven't changed; but my tactics have, and this trio of essays are a reflection of that. If gender-identity believers are not going to place gender identity into the religious sphere where it belongs (and where it can be given the same degree of respect as any other religious belief), then that is their choice. But if we are going to play by the rules of secularism, then we are going to play by the rules of secularism, and the result is not pretty for gender identity as the title of my first essay in this collection attests: "If Gender Identity Isn't a Religious Belief, Then It's Really, Really Stupid". I further discuss the difference between belief in a proof-based concept of gender versus the faith-based concept of gender identity in the following essay, "Real-Gender vs Woke-Gender", and I conclude this collection with "A Non-Religious Theocracy" because when we've reached the point where an executive order of the United States of America is based on a faith-based belief that contradicts provable reality, how else can we describe where we are today as a society?

All of these essays are available individually on my website. This eBook is a convenient packaging of them, available as a free download in PDF or EPUB format as well as on many online eBookstores. To get a copy, click on the link below:

Gender and Secularism: Proof versus Faith

topic: gender identity

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