Gender Identity and the Invisible Pasta God
August 22, 2018

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Pastafarianism, the worship of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, is a fake religion created to mock real religions, which makes it the perfect tool to point out the religious beliefs within progressivism that pretend to be secular—the most blatant of which is gender identity.

Gender identity is the belief that our gender is determined, not by our physical body, but by our personal “identity”. In other words, it is the belief that a biological man, with XY chromosomes and male anatomy, is a woman if he feels like he is a woman. Privileging an unseeable, untestable, unprovable “identity” over physical reality itself—what could be more religious than that?

My new satire: Gender Identity and the Invisible Pasta God

Kale, a wannabe pickup artist, attends a Pastafarian meetup to mock the religious and hopefully hook up with his sufficiently-hot co-worker Jezzie. But when a peg-legged Pastafarian Minister shows up in pirate garb and leads them all to the school board meeting next door where a debate about bathroom policies is underway, it becomes obvious that those who arrogantly claim to be non-religious actually have a religion after all.

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