The Wrong Sort of Stories
September 29, 2015

The Wrong Sort of Stories - Front Cover

The world has gone mad. Reality itself must be denied if one wishes to fit in today. "The Wrong Sort of Stories" is a collection of stories and satires that describe this madness and argue against it. Some are humorous. Some are dark. Some are deservedly brutal.

Fifteen stories in all, nine previously released and six new: "Talents, Servants, and Government Busybodies", "The Sky Is Blue", "Invest in Oxygen Masks", "The Planner's Utopia", "Dandelion Seeds", and "Fitting In". The collection begins with a Proposition 8 donor and the tactics used against him, and it ends with you, the reader, and your choice whether to bow before the madness or to stand and face the consequences.

When right and wrong have been turned upside down, it's time to tell the wrong sort of stories.

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Unwanted Proof
Forced to Bake a Cake
Untolerated Rejection
The Planner's Utopia
Fitting In
The Equality Remedy
Stare Decisis
An Honorable Man upon the Mountain
The River Is Always Waiting

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