Killing the Golem
May 16, 2015

Killing the Golem - Front Cover

Imagine a world where slavery, segregation, and racism had never existed. Imagine a world where interracial marriage had never been prohibited. Imagine a world where skin color had always been seen as insignificant as hair color, where the word discrimination still had a neutral connotation, where the idea of discriminating between one thing and another had not become tainted by the injustice of racism.

Imagine yourself in that world and ask yourself this question: Would same-sex marriage exist?

No, it would not.

Neither logic nor reason is the force driving the cultural upheaval in our society. It is the legacy of the civil rights movement that is tearing our foundations apart, the legacy of the civil rights movement, something once noble and good, now twisted into a weapon and hurled against anyone who refuses to conform.

Now imagine if that weapon were taken away.

I present my latest story: "Killing the Golem", a story not about that imaginary world but about our own.

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