Patheos Book Club Promotion
March 1, 2014

Now that "The River Is Always Waiting" has been published, my attention towards it has shifted from writing and editing to promotion. With a limited advertising budget, I've tried to target my ads as effectively as possible, and one place where I've run these targeted ads is, a website that presents a wide variety of religious and political beliefs through the numerous bloggers who post there. I am running ads on a handful of blogs at Patheos that are mainly read by those who I believe would be interested in reading my book.

An additional advertising opportunity provided by Patheos is its book club. The book club's webpage for "The River Is Always Waiting" went live this morning. It will be listed on the book club's main webpage for the next two weeks, and my book's customized webpage will be available for three months afterward.

Here is a link: "The River Is Always Waiting" in the Patheos Book Club.

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