First Story from The Ridge of Earth Collection
January 8, 2014

The first short story from "The Ridge of Earth Collection" has now been released: "I Would Sing". Its eBook has been submitted to all the major eBook stores, and I will add links to each site as the story becomes available.

As mentioned on the webpage for "The Ridge of Earth Collection", each of these stories is specially-crafted. They are designed for specific purposes. The reasons behind this story might not yet be obvious, but hopefully as time goes by they will become more clear.

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Gender Identity and the Invisible Pasta God
What Our Helmets Let Us See
Gender and Secularism: Proof versus Faith
Unwanted Proof
Forced to Bake a Cake
Untolerated Rejection
The Planner's Utopia
Fitting In
The Equality Remedy
Stare Decisis
An Honorable Man upon the Mountain
The River Is Always Waiting

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