Gender Identify Is a Self-Defeating Ideology
October 5, 2015

Gender identity—the idea that a man is a woman if he identifies himself as such—is a self-defeating ideology. If gender can be shrugged on or off like a garment, then it is meaningless. And if gender is meaningless, why bother identifying with one?

Why does he want to be referred to as she? He wants that because the word "she" means something today that he wants for himself; but if he were able to convince everyone that he can become she simply by saying so, then suddenly the word "she" won't mean the same thing it does today. The definition he covets would be destroyed by his own success, leaving him with nothing.

The ideology of gender identity cannot exist independently. It can only survive in the presence of something that provides meaning to gender, namely the belief that our gender is the same as our biological sex, the belief that our gender doesn't change, the belief that our gender actually matters. Yet, despite gender identity's inability to survive alone, its proponents struggle to pull everyone into their fold, willingly or not. (Using the language of the civil rights movement, of course. What leftist social movement today could exist without weaponizing that legacy for air support?) But every new convert they win diminishes the concepts they are wrestling to control. They are chasing the very thing they are destroying. They are destroying the very thing they are chasing. In the end, if the ideology of gender identify ever declares victory, its next action will be to euthanize itself.

Gender identity proponents are playing dress-up in a ballroom that is maintained by a caretaker they are trying to fire. No caretaker: no ballroom. No ballroom: no more reason to play dress-up. If they succeed, they fail. Gender identity is a self-defeating ideology.

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