A Disbelief in Demigods

A Disbelief in Demigods - Front Cover

We have the right to treat unprovable beliefs as untrue. This is well understood when it comes to religious beliefs, but it applies to unprovable "identities" like gender identity as well.

This collection of satires and essays argues that the preferential treatment our society wrongly provides to gender identity is a violation of secular neutrality. Gender identity is a belief that is unprovable in the same way that religious beliefs are unprovable. It should therefore be subject to the same restrictions as religious beliefs: unbelievers cannot be forced to treat it as true and the government cannot treat it as true either.

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Excerpt from "The Coming Out"

"So, you say you're a pansexual," her mother finally said.

"No, I'm not just saying that. I am that. I am a pansexual!"

Her mother rolled her eyes. "Prove it," she said.

Excerpt from "Gender Identity and the Invisible Pasta God"

"You’ve grown so accustomed to always being on the secular side, the scientific side, of an argument that you can’t even conceive that you might unknowingly have slipped into fighting for the religious side, and me, an openly religious man, fighting for the scientific side."

Excerpt from "Unwanted Proof"

"Without proof, how can you know it isn’t just a fantasy?"

Excerpt from "It's Gender-Obscuring, Not Gender-Affirming"

So what is gender according to provable reality? It’s our biological sex—because that’s what is actually provable. The word “gender” is simply a euphemism for the word “sex”. And so, the phrase “gender-affirming care” is nonsense in a secular context.

Excerpt from "A Principal's Conundrum"

"My son is an atheist! Are you telling me you’re going to demand that my atheist son believes in the existence of the human soul? Here, in a public school?"

Excerpt from "'What is a Woman?' Answered"

It is the same for all concepts, including the words “man” and “woman”. If we as a society are going to have laws and policies based on these concepts, then we need to have a common understanding of what these concepts actually are. No “my truth” or “your truth”, we need a shared reality.

But today, when it comes to “man” and “woman”, we clearly don’t agree on how to define the words. Two opposing definitions are in common use, one proof-based and one faith-based.

Excerpt from "The Psychologist"

"He’s a psychologist. He would know."

Excerpt from "Converting the Two-Spirit"

“Cassidy,” Dr. Herbert said, “you can’t just claim to be Native American. That’s not reality. And since you’re not Native American, that means you can’t be a two-spirit.”

“But I don’t have XY chromosomes,” Cassidy said, “yet that wouldn’t stop me from identifying as a boy, would it?”

“Well, no,” Dr. Herbert said.

“So not having Native American DNA can’t stop me from being a two-spirit either,” Cassidy said. “Either gender identity trumps DNA or it doesn’t.”

Excerpt from "There Is No Valid Proof of Gender Identity, And There Never Will Be"

If you pay attention to the claims that psychological studies make in favor of gender identity or “gender” surgeries, you’ll note they never actually claim to prove that the “gender” which gender identity is supposedly identifying actually exists. They only focus on the effect that treating that belief as true has on the mental health of their patients.

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Status: Released May 2023 by Silver Layer Publications.