Topic: Woke Racism

Woke racism, one of the cultural regressions of progressivism, is the misguided attempt to correct the effects of racism in the past through racism in the present.

The civil rights movement of the 20th century opened a doorway for us to a potential post-racial future; woke racism is trying its hardest to slam that door shut.


Dear College Students (08/27/2016)


The Phrase 'Systemic Racism' Is Deceptive (04/06/2023)

When someone speaks of “systemic racism”, understand that the “system” they are criticizing is a society based on the principles of individual liberty and legal equality. Using the word “racism” to describe this “system” is deceptive. “Racism” implies purposeful action based on racial prejudice. It is false to claim that our “system” of individual liberty and legal equality today is racist.

Yes, some lingering effects of past racism unfortunately still remain; but those who claim we should solve “systemic racism” are claiming that solving the lingering effects of past racism is so important we should set aside the principles of individual liberty and legal equality in order to do so. I completely disagree with this position, which I believe is both unjust and also inevitably destined for failure.

The best—and only—way to justly solve the lingering effects of past racism is the colorblind application of the principles of individual liberty and legal equality. It will not fully solve the problem today, nor tomorrow, but it is the right approach to this, and the right foundation for a free and just society.

The Protest-Riots of 2020 (07/30/2020)

The single image that best captures the essence of the protest-riots of 2020 would be this: A white protester screaming incoherently into the face of a tired black police officer.

And one of the most important lessons I hope everyone is learning from all this insanity is to never, ever, ever vote for a progressive mayor. Because if a city's government isn't willing to protect its citizens and their property from a rioting mob, then the government isn't running the city, the rioters are.

Do Not Judge Based on Skin Color (06/27/2020)

You should not judge anyone based on skin color ... including yourself.

An End to Racial Divisiveness (05/30/2020)

The most effective way to end racial divisiveness is to stop dividing people by race. In other words, to stop categorizing ourselves based on our skin color and to stop thinking of others that way as well. "Us" vs "Them" has been a source of human conflict for as long as we have separated into "Us" and "Them", and the most effective way to end that conflict is to end that separation.

Race is an example of a separation that doesn't need to exist. It is not an important characteristic. We should stop pretending that it's relevant, and we should start ignoring all demands to continue pretending that it is.

Skin Color Doesn't Matter (04/11/2016)

If telling someone their skin color prohibits them from the hair style of their choice isn't an example of blatant racism, then what is the point of even having the word? We are not our skin color. Skin color doesn't matter. It neither defines nor limits us. Those who disagree, who persist in viewing the world through race-tinted glasses, who judge words by the color of the speaker, who judge actions by the color of the doer, who demand that freedom itself be dictated by the color of our skin—those are today's racists.

Racial Strife (10/19/2015)

As long as those who profit from racial strife are allowed to remain in positions of power and prestige, there will always be racial strife.

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