Stephen Measure

Aren't you tired of being smeared as a bigot?

Separate stories that work together, supporting the idea that same-sex attraction should be resisted, not indulged, and that same-sex marriage is a foolish mistake.

The Wrong Sort of Stories - Front Cover

Stories and satires for a world gone mad. When right and wrong have been turned upside down, it's time to tell the wrong sort of stories.

Includes many of the stories mentioned below as well as new ones on this topic: "The Sky Is Blue", "Invest in Oxygen Masks", "The Planner's Utopia", "Dandelion Seeds", and "Fitting In".

Killing the Golem - Front Cover

Killing the Golem

(Short Story)

The golem was created to defeat the skinheads. But when it is summoned against an innocent preacher, Armando realizes it must be destroyed.

"Who are you to say what he can and can't call a sin?"

The Honor Code on Trial - Front Cover

The Honor Code on Trial

(Short Satire)

Jeffrey, a BYU graduate student, is sent to deliver a blunt message from BYU to the Northeast Accreditation Commission, where he is introduced to the bizarre world of progressive academia with its fixation about privilege and its perpetual outrage over perceived offenses.

One thing is clear: Everyone has a religion, and those who claim they don't are often among the fiercest of zealots.

"We are concerned that your Honor Code violates our non-discrimination policy."

Stare Decisis - Front Cover

Stare Decisis

(Short Satire)

A mutated kitten, magical dust, and a machete: What better way to explain how same-sex marriage has been beating common sense in the courtroom.

Includes bonus story: "The Statue of Liberty Orders a Burger (and gets something completely different)"

"Did you check the penumbras?"

The Mascot - Front Cover

The Mascot

(Short Satire)

His first day at a new school, Winston discovers there's something very wrong with his classmates when they attack him for refusing to pretend their mascot is something it is not.

"That's not a bleeping unicorn!"

The Equality Remedy - Front Cover

The Equality Remedy

(Short Satire)

When the world has gone mad, sometimes you need to laugh.

Mother Nature is taken to court for being heterosexist. But will we be pleased with the imposed remedy?

"Throughout time and history, male-female couples have been important, have been necessary, have been essential. But I ask you this, ladies and gentlemen, is that fair?"

The Unneeded Panic Room - Front Cover

After he is outed as a Proposition 8 donor, Michael and his young family are stalked by a vengeful activist.

Like many Mormons in California, Michael and his wife, Kate, are asked to support Proposition 8. Michael has no problem with this request—same-sex marriage makes no sense to him. But after Proposition 8 prevails at the ballot box, same-sex marriage activists explode in anger. They target the list of Proposition 8 donors and ramp up their campaign to demonize all opposition, leaving Michael and Kate to suffer the consequences.

"Shut up, bigot! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!"

The River Is Always Waiting - Front Cover

Attraction is something that you feel, not something that you are.

Forced from their cabin seclusion by a mountain storm, Dana and young Alice must accept help from a man Dana had hoped to never see again, a man she no longer trusts—because she knows what darkness calls to him and to what depths he might fall.

"I am not my attraction."

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