The Kobo eBookstore Banned All My Books Today
November 27, 2019

Although Amazon is far and away the market leader for eBooks, I try to make my writing available on other eBookstores as well so it will be as accessible for interested readers as possible. For years this has included the Kobo eBookstore, and I had over two dozen eBooks available there as of yesterday.

But then I released my essay “How to Talk to Progressives about Gender Identity” and submitted it to Kobo and other eBookstores yesterday. As a result, I received an email from Kobo today informing me they are terminating my account and deleting all my work from their platform.

For those who purchased or downloaded any of my work from Kobo in the past (there hasn’t been many), I’m not sure if they will delete my eBooks from your Kobo eReader/App or not. I recommend you contact Kobo to find out.

Otherwise, as of today, my work is still available on the other major eBookstores including Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play.

topic: dehumanization

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