All 'The Wrong Sort of Stories' Short Stories Released as Individual Stories
February 6, 2019

Released short stories

Following the example of The Planner's Utopia, which I released as an individual story last year, I have released all the other stories from The Wrong Sort of Stories as individual stories as well.

Unlike The Planner's Utopia, the rest of these stories have all been released with fairly basic covers, but I will likely return to a few of these stories and commission custom cover images for them in the future.

All stories in The Wrong Sort of Stories:
The Unneeded Panic Room
The Equality Remedy
Talents, Servants, and Government Busybodies
The Mascot
You Never Had a Brother
The Sky Is Blue
Stare Decisis
The Statue of Liberty Orders a Burger (and gets something completely different)
The Honor Code on Trial
Invest in Oxygen Masks
Melvin the Protester
Killing the Golem
The Planner’s Utopia
Dandelion Seeds
Fitting In

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A Disbelief in Demigods Cover

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