The Planner's Utopia
November 8, 2018

Front Cover

I first released this story as part of my short story collection, The Wrong Sort of Stories. A literary depiction of the horror spawned by those who prioritize equality-of-outcome over freedom, The Planner's Utopia deserves to stand alone, so I am rereleasing it as an individual short story.

There are many in our society who want to force a heaven on earth. Their desire is not a new one; it has been with us since the beginning. But it is wrong and will never work. Heaven, utopia, paradise–whatever you want to call it–is incompatible with coercion. Some means will simply never lead to the ends you seek ... ever. It's like trying to drain the ocean with your hands. You reach down and scoop the water up, and then you watch helplessly as it slides through your fingers. You cannot force heaven; it simply cannot be done. Heaven is heaven because everyone has chosen to be there. They could have made other choices. They had the freedom to make other choices. But they all, individually, chose the right choice instead–and that's why it's heaven. You cannot force a heaven on earth. Every time you try, you end up creating an earthly hell instead.

Which is why I wrote this story: The Planner's Utopia

The planner zealously maintains absolute equality amongst the citizens under his control. But when a free woman invades his warehouse paradise, he must act decisively before she ruins everything.

"It’s better for all to have none than for some to have more."

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