What If That 'When' Had Never Happened?
November 9, 2015

In the personal history shared by those who call themselves 'gay,' watch carefully for the word 'when.' Yes, some claim there never was a 'when,' but notice how often there was:

"I learned I was when ..."
"I discovered it when ..."
"That was when I realized ..."

Then ask yourself this question: What if that 'when' had never happened? What if they had never gone through that experience, or what if they had, but had processed it differently?

The acceptance of same-sex sexuality, encouragement of same-sex relationships, and celebration of same-sex marriage will have an effect. We are creating countless additional possible 'when's.

Think about what that means.

We are human—so flexible, so full of possibility.

Think about what that means.

topic: sexual identity

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